Today, my wife celebrated another trip around the sun. She ended up taking the day off and went fishing this morning. She really enjoys that time to spend outdoors and trying to catch them feisty fish. If I haven’t said it before, she loves to fish, but doesn’t care to eat it. On the other hand, I like to eat it but don’t have the patience to fish. She sent me a text, and was enjoying her time out at Caldwell Ponds. She was just a little bummed out, because she was not getting anything. Not even a single bit was to be had from those fish.
I had been trying to make plans in my mind, to take her out tonight after I got done with work. Yes, we go out other times, but I had the idea to try and make it a special day for her. Because after all, it was her day. It was the day, she left our Heavenly Father’s presence, to come to earth. I had not told her about my plans, because I wanted to make it a surprise for her.

She got a text while she was out fishing, from the store manager at her store. He was telling her that she would probably have to close at the Glenwood store tonight. She reminded him that it was her birthday, and she had a reason why she wasn’t working. Some time passed, and then she got another text stating that for sure she would need to work at the Glenwood store.

Krissie let me know, and she seemed pretty upset. I know I was really upset, aggravated, pissed, mad, you name it, it was me. Any form of frustration, I was feeling it. I was looking forward to trying to make her a special day. I was trying to stay focused on work, just because of how upset I was. The feeling in my mind didn’t seem to be getting any better.

I had to cancel making the plans I was going to make to take her out. I sat there and thought about how inconsiderate Dairy Queen is. The owners also own at least 7 or 8 other stores, and each store has plenty of employees. For there to be that many employees, and my wife is the only person available to work at Glenwood tonight? I really find that hard to believe. I made sure to let her boss and owners know how rude and inconsiderate that was.

I realize I could still take her out on another day, but it just is not the same as spending time and celebrating on her actual birthday.


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