Motel Employee stabbed by ballpoint pen

So, last night, I had just finished my the first part of my split shift for the day. As an assistant manager at the Rodeway Inn, I never thought I would have to deal with the following situation.

Mr. Stanton had just arrived with his students from Ririe Junior High School. They brought us about 20 or so rooms while they come on a field trip to Boise. The students were away from the Bus, as the teachers were unloading some things from the Bus. A customer had been at the Hotel for about a week. She thought it was a good idea to go out on her balcony and begin to cuss and yell and offend Mr. Stanton and the other teachers. And to top it off, she was being drunk and disorderly.

This was reported to my front desk clerk, Misty, who then reported it to me. I then had to ask Miss Nanette Gazlay to leave, because my job is to protect my customers. I gave her a few minutes to grab her things, she came down to the desk and gave my desk clerk a hard time. At 6:58 pm, I had no choice but to call Boise Police Dispatch. As I was talking to the dispatcher on the phone, Nanette ran up behind me and “stabbed” me in the back with a pen. I yelled “I have just been stabbed”.