Recently my sister was in town and we went to the Old Chicago on February 10.  We had already been there once before with the same group of about 15 people about 2 months prior.  I DO NOT like their food, so I chose to eat upstairs at “Great Steak & Potato”, and I was just going to have dessert.

We got in there, placed an order for something called the “Little Big Cookie – a la mode” this was said to serve 2 to 3 people.  This was going to be shared between my wife Krissie and I.  The cookie comes out in a pizza pan about the size of a personal pizza.  And the cup of ice cream.  I look at the cup of ice cream and could barely see anything in there.  This was barely a half scoop of ice-cream not even big enough to feed 1 person much less 2 to 3. I asked for some more ice cream and they acted like it was a big deal.

The worst thing was that this whole time, our waiter / waitress (we had two) never came by.  We had to flag them down when we needed anything.  And to top that off, they never even showed up at my end of the table.  I wasn’t the only one who thought this.  The whole entire table thought this was a BIG problem.  In fact it was such a problem, that NOT one of us left a tip.  My bill came to $7.08 and I paid $7.10.  I didn’t want to give them a way to charge me a tip.

When I left, I asked for a Manager.  The manager gave me a gift certificate for my next visit.  In the process when he went back to grab them, he talked to the waiter / waitress, and he told me they thought they were doing Okay.


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