Today is the last day of my undergraduate accounting class.  I am finishing up with ACC397: Advanced Topics in Accounting Research.  This is basically a review class.  This consists of financial statements, tax, audit, and even managerial accounting.  I just finished up my final exam.  Normally, I don’t blog about my school or about other classes, but this time it has just hit me that I am almost finished with my undergraduate studies.  Today, I turn in my final exam, and also my last individual assignment.

I guess I have one more class left, which is what my point is.  This last class is called Religion 133: World Religions. This class will last 5 weeks, and then I am done.  I am not sure how this class is going to go.  However, I have been told that this class talks mostly about the eastern religions.  So, maybe I will learn something new. That is something that I am hoping for.  After this class is done, then I go onto classes that are 6 weeks long.

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