As I grew up, I was not one that really got into Comic Books at all. When I went to Deadpool, I went in with an expectation of a funny superhero movie. However, I left with a blown mind, WOW!!

Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds), who is an ex-mercenary and trained as an assassin. Wilson is told that he has cancer and to save his life, volunteered to allow a government research lab to experiment on him. This was known as the “Weapon X” mutant weaponization project, which is where Wolverine received his Adamantium skeleton.

Wilson then became the subject of experiments by Dr Killibrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax. During the painful testing, Wilson gained a restorative power to heal his cancer (much-like Wolverine’s power) and in the process also acquired major scarring over his face and body. Now, Wilson seeks to make himself look good again so that he may go back to the woman he fell in love with, he goes to hunt down his creator as Deadpool.

Deadpool literally breaks the 4th wall about every 10 to 15 minutes.  I found that this helped me to “follow” what he was doing and to understand what he’s experiencing. One scene I remember is when he is handcuffed to Colossus and is being dragged away. As he realizes there is no way to escape, turns to the camera and says “Hey, did you ever see 127 hours? Spoiler Alert!” and cuts his hand off to get free. There is another scene where he breaks the 4th wall with a 4th wall and calls it the 16th wall. This use of 4th wall breaks, is something that I had never expected from a superhero movie.

I particularly enjoy how this movie was put together. The timeline of the movie actually goes between Deadpool and Wade Wilson before and how he became Deadpool.  This was a great way for us (the movie goers) to be able to see Deadpool during the whole film, instead of a chronological approach where we may get bored and lose interest before the “big reveal”.

And Yes, this is an R-rated movie. The jokes used in this movie are very much adult, but are pretty funny considering this is an action film. One other aspect achieved in this film, was the use of gore. There was an numerous times where heads and limbs were chopped off, without the excessive use of blood; in fact, Deadpool himself broke both hands, and a leg and then lost his hand before it grew back. In deed this is not a kid’s movie, although there were several kids under the age of 12 at the show.

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